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Name:Fabula(e) Victoriana
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Victorian roleplay

Welcome to Fabula(e) Victoriana: a pan-fandom Victorian DR!
We have rules and an FAQ reachable through the links, and our OOC community can be located at [community profile] fv_ooc.

Upon arriving at the DR, characters find themselves at Mrs. Faraday's boarding house, in the heart of the bustling city of Nusquamton. By all appearances, it is a boarding house like any other... until you notice that it seems to be bigger on the inside, and adds a new room for each new "guest."

The city is a patchwork place, made up of the lost streets of a thousand cities: London, Paris, Madrid, Calcutta among others. A park from Vienna may rest a few blocks from a bazaar plucked from Marrakesh, and one will find that certain parts of the city seem to be in flux, changing from day to day.

Nonetheless, there are some features that are always the same. There is a port to the West, fed by a deep, slow river that bisects the city. The Steam District sits in the north, the height of technological achievement, colorful and busy (but prone to explosions). And to the South lies the dilapidated neighborhood known as the Marsh, where the strange vapors of the swamp just outside the city give rise to shambling hordes of undead and other unsettling things, from time to time. (There are even rumours of a headless horseman!) It is a strange little world, inhabited by people who have become accustomed to the strange.

Also, every character who comes here may bring one piece of their home, as large as a building (if the Phantom would like to keep his Opera), or as small as a pocket watch.

Apart from the swamp, there are moors, meadows and forests outside of the city, all stretching to the horizon. Those who venture out that far, however, will find that once there, they're facing the city again. The same goes for those who book passage on one of the ships out of the port. Your character is trapped. Will they make the best of it? Or will they make a little chaos in a bid to free themselves?

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